calling… for eternal youth? 


Lately there have been several news about being able to stop the aging process.  Do we really want that? If it were to happen, what would the ideal age be? 18, 21, 45? If we do manage to stop our physical aging process, does it also mean that mentally we will stop aging? Is that a good thing? We’ve all heard about on how we are only using a tiny capacity of our brains, and some of us indeed are, but still, for sure, our gray matter will not have infinite capacity. And then, we would have to make choices on what memories and knowledge are to be discarded. And if, who we are, is shaped from our past experiences, wouldn’t that mean that we would stop being ourselves or, bore ourselves to “death” with who we are? Aging can be tougher when it’s sudden. When suddenly that knee no longer allows you to jog. When suddenly you can’t read without your glasses. When suddenly you become the oldest member in your family… But aging can also be gentle, slowly crawl in, brighten our memories, fill our hearts and build our wisdom. If all goes as planned and if we play along there’s a good chance that we will be forever young in our minds and hearts. If we do it properly, those who mater, will be there to help us make it all the way. Aging is the most important learning process. calling… to stay young

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calling… for opera


Not everyone has the same vocal range. Not everyone aspires to it, either. Not everyone wants to voice what bothers them, neither the changes that they would like to see.  Not everyone has the time or the patience. Not everyone has the talent. Not everyone can speak out. Not everyone, sadly, still today, is allowed to speak out. Not everyone needs to share their worries. Not everyone likes opera in general but everyone will like one in particular. Everyone can shout once in a while, even if it is just to look for the echo in the canyon. Everyone can whistle, at the right moment. Everyone can scream for help. It’s up to all of us to understand the opera out of it. calling… to tune in.

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The opera singer

calling… the poles


The Earth poles are truly amazing areas. They should remind us on how fragile our ecosystems are and how dependable we are on the sun. But they also show us how resilient life is. Even under these extreme conditions there are extraordinary species that manage to survive. It is specially impressive to fly over the vastness of these areas. There we are, flying at the speed of our latest technology, and still, it seems that we are stopped midair, lost and surrounded by an infinite white landscape. It is at the same time exquisite and somehow scary. It awakens our feelings to the fragility of the human being, before mother nature and our universe. Billions of years established a delicate balance, and, on the molecular length scale of the universe timeline, mankind seems to be doing everything to break that equilibrium. calling… to keep cool.


calling… the kitchen

It’s in the kitchen that some of our most important education happens. Etiquette is about respect, discipline and self control. It’s at the kitchen that parents and grand parents pass along their knowledge to their children and grandchildren. It’s where we share our successes, our frustrations, our love matters and just about everything in our lives. It’s where most of the families meet, where they spend the most time together. For some families it’s the only time that they have together during the week, turning the kitchen into the command or situation room of their lives. It’s where we put into practice our most secret formulas that have been perfected generation after generation. It’s where we exchange and enhance our cultural character with relatives and friends. It’s where we make good friends. It’s the room in hour house that stands for the word home. calling… for more cooking.
Mother with kids at the kitchen

calling… for spring


Spring, the season of new hopes. The return of the sun, bright days and colorful landscapes. Our body clocks are well tuned with mother nature seasons. There is something special about spring, the return of life. It is enchanting to admire the landscape getting dressed again. And what an outfit! Bright, beautiful colors, something special about the green everywhere. A multitude of insects pop up roaming around their new homes. Mother nature is mesmerizing and we will never stop from being baffled with the gorgeousness that it presents to us. The infinite fractal patterns, the macro and the micro, everything is a work of art in its way. The sky is vivid blue and finally we get a chance to put on the t-shirts and shorts again. No more excuses for staying inside. Those pictures that you see on the web, are, most of them, actual places, in case you didn’t know! You can go there and tickle pink all your five senses. calling… to smell the flowers

calling… for real eclipses


Eclipses are a fascinating event. It’s not everyday that phenomenon with such an impact affects almost the entire world. The one from today for instance, generated some worries regarding the impact in the production of solar power. It is good news that in some countries a significant portion of electricity is already generated by solar cells. It’s also fascinating that we are able to predict with such detail, and with a lot of time in advance, the occurrence of eclipses and to what extent the different regions of the world will be affected. If only we could predict with such accuracy other less friendly kinds of eclipses… For way too many people life is a struggle, with lots of important things eclipsing right off their hands. Their days, not just the nights, are dark and heavy. They have light in their lives but all too many worries seem to twist their shadow into the wrong direction. Like from natural eclipses, nobody is free from being dragged into undesired eclipses. It’s up to all of us to be alert, grab their hands, and help pulling them back into the light. calling… for flashlights

calling… to rest

The rest of the warrior! Everyday is a battle. It seems like the world, no matter what perspective you look at it from, can be reduced to battles. You battle your way out of bed. Next, a battle with the kids to be ready on time. A battle to have a healthy breakfast. Battle your way through traffic and then, depending on your profession, a fight for survival. If we think about it, companies constantly fight for market share. It’s not common for new product of service categories to be created that won’t touch anything in existence. Our time, and money, is finite, so, to get someone’s attention, others are loosing it. It’s a fight, and the world has shown us that a balance is very hard, if not impossible, to achieve. Our pace today is insane compared to the generations before ours. In some cases, people are on full alert since they wake up until they go to bed. Some even during their sleep! Just like any machine, our bodies wear out, quicker than we can imagine. Sometimes, no matter how big and fierce the fire is, we just have to step back and rest. Lay down, empty our head, charge the batteries to come back stronger. There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. calling… to wind down.
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