calling… the Internet of Things


The Jetsons are finally arriving! The Internet of Things is another avalanche coming our way. We now have affordable robot vacuum cleaners. Our watches are starting to talk to us and some of us talking back to them. We are able to keep our dogs on virtual leashes. Some are even making it impossible to lose your keys. Everyone and everything wants to have a say on the internet. We are not fully ready and neither is the internet. Security and Privacy are major concerns. Technology is now so accessible and so affordable, that way too many sources can offer the ultimate “Internet of things” convenience. We should be alert to what that “thing” is actually doing. Size no longer matters. Even a tiny little lamp with malicious rogue code and access to your home network can do some serious eDamage and in some cases real damage. The other thing that we should worry about is that instead of Jetsons we might get the Wall-E’s… There’s a wonderful world coming our way, let’s not get spoiled. calling… your toaster?

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