calling… for AI caution


A lot of the work happening, to have machines make wise intelligent decisions, AI, has been towards turning them more into “wise guys” than wise advisors.  That has been the case, for instance, when using AI on the stock market for fast selling. Trying to accomplish the best return on speculative investment through AI is hardly an intelligent move. It’s probably the opposite. It’s like laughing so much that you start crying. They went over the edge and AI became AS, aka, artificial stupidity. It’s clear that huge storage capacity, incredible processing power and widespread networks are creating the perfect storm for machines/us to be able to make decisions and choices like they have never been possible before. But, is correlation between big data, trends, and average human perception and empathy, a sign of intelligence or, is it just an intelligent group of people making an algorithm spit out their way of thinking? Some of the most annoying computer software glitches are results from pseudo AI implementations. Think… auto-correct! We have to agree that a lot of good helpful work has been done trying to mimic some of our human capabilities. It’s very difficult to define artificial intelligence. After all, our intelligence is limited. Would we be able to recognize a higher form of intelligence should we be presented with one? calling… for caution.

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