calling… to time your time

Contrary to popular belief, Einstein did not get the Nobel prize for the Theory of Relativity. Why should he? We’ve all known how relative time is in our own space and, have experienced it contracting and dilating. Time is out of our control even though watches march on, at the steadiest of paces, round and round, lazily. We invented clocks thinking we could control time but nothing could be further away from the truth. Sometimes, time fast forwards  when, at the speed of sound, someone lets you know of terrible bad news. A few words alone are enough to spin you into a time spiral. Right there, you suddenly age years as your mind goes back in time, at the speed of light, perusing key moments of your life with someone for whom time has come to a stop. During  split second accidents, time stands still, you seem to be able to observe the whole thing from all the different perspectives and still, have no control in the outcome. Time slows down for a child on Christmas Eve as quickly as it sped up for their parents the day before, when they were busy with the last minute arrangements for the celebration. During the course of our lives time starts snail slow as childs, progressively accelerates in vertigo until we get to be grand parents and then, it seems to crawl back to boredom until it stops… Time is harsh because we step on it, on and on, like if we had unlimited amounts. We don’t, it slips through our fingers like water. Time your time. calling… for the right timing
running man and big white clock

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