calling… for better headphones


Headphones have been progressively perfected up to a point where they seem to be able to carry their messages right inside our heads. But still, today they fail miserably. It definitely can’t all be about the bass. Even though it’s more difficult to get low frequencies through small speakers, it’s not the pounding on the head that is going to better get the message through. Some will say, that it’s more about conveying the message with the correct beat, to try and have it resonate.  Some headphones have incredible noise cancelation features, which do wonders for noisy environments but, whisper noise by themselves, when everything is quiet. Some will isolate you almost perfectly from the outside world, dangerously. Some companies focus on the design, so that you will look like you are getting the message,  their message. The problem is that no matter how much you perfect the image, it will be useless, if the message is void of substance. Do you want to be isolated if you’re getting brainwashed? Do you really only care about the music? Don’t you think it’s important to be aware of the noise around? It’s amazing how sensitive the human hear is to harmonic distortion and still the brain is easily fooled by distorted messages. Today, both the digital music  (the message) and the way it is transmitted (digitally), are but a discrete series of clipped samples from the original source, that processors after use to connect the dots for us. This means that our ears and brains are constantly fooled by electronics. Could this be why we’re easily distracted from the substance? So much is lost in multiple translations. Sometimes we don’t even speak the language, but we shake our head in reverence.  Headphones, are used to listen to peace treaties, war threats, economic embargos, political stands and stances. We need better ones to put our heads to work and not in a state of trance.  Ones that help us focus on the messages and not to opt out of the message. calling… for better ones

girl with headphones

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