calling… for chemistry


Relationships are indeed a lot about chemistry. We need them, to feel well, alive and healthy. We are born ready to bond. In the beginning of a relationship, we get all mellow and sweet as sugar, brightly blinded. Long lasting relationships are about constant bond reinforcement right from the start, just like we need calcium. Sometimes, routines might dull relationships. It’s when salt comes in, maybe with some pepper, to flavor things up again. Laughing together is perfect to vent out the stress (there are plenty of gases for that!). It’s always important to have some space for breathing. We need to burn oxygen, and with it, exhale CO2, which, in large quantities might be poisonous for the ones around. Others might argue that relationships have a lot of physics, involving complex attraction and repulsive forces, eye contact, sound, pressure, heat and cold. They are about time travelling and the relativity of feelings. Lucky people make them last. They committed with gold in their fingers, and specially in their minds, to keep mining together through their lives until they strike real gold. calling… for strong bonds

some pills

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