calling… the climbers


Some people are natural born climbers. No matter how high they start, they always have the urge to climb higher. Some do it in a healthy way, body and mind. They pick a challenging climb, with a good scenic view, one that they really like and that is within their reach. They invite friends to help them and also to climb together. Some climbs require careful planning ahead. Others are made up of short goals and the route is chosen ad hoc as they go.  Some are hard-core climbers and basically run over whatever wall comes in their way. A bit recklessly with very high risk, and most in a over exhibitionist way. Some have no climbing ambitions, they prefer to enjoy the view from down below. For others, living in flatlands, there is nothing to climb, or even worse, the land might be full of holes and craters, they have a hard time not falling inside, let alone trying to climb. There are different ways to the top: the scenic route; the rocky wall; the steep ascent and even the cheating road. At first, on the top, the view seems to stretch forever, the fresh air and the silence are relaxing and it feels good. But soon, it might get cold, lonely or even dangerous. One has to find the way down, back to a safe level, one where you can have a conversation without having to shout. It’s always tough to understand someone shouting on the top of a hill as wind seems to carry the words away. calling… for the journey.

man caught on a rock

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