calling… for small steps


No one gets fat overnight. It wasn’t that pizza or the beer from last night dinner that has suddenly shrunk those pants. You didn’t get out of shape last week. That large number pages that you still have to study for tomorrow’s college exam didn’t show up yesterday either. We tend to attribute some of our maladies to bad luck, bad timing, perfect storms that picked us to pour down their fury. They usually, in reality, are not new to our minds. Deep inside we know that they were due to explode on our hands. We silently watched the fuse burn until the very last minute. The solution was right there, so obvious and easy to implement, that we pushed it to the bottom of the stack, over and over. We know what needs to be done, we have done it before, it doesn’t take that long to do, but, there are other priorities. This is how perfect storms come together. A collection of simple little things that by themselves wouldn’t tickle your brain but all together fuse and conspire to paralyze our minds. All of a sudden, your juggling too many dishes, playing too many instruments, breaking the tune. It’s not always easy to prioritize, specially if you are embedded or surrounded by anarchical societies, enterprises or projects. Dropping projects or tasks is always difficult. Nobody likes to fail. Sometimes we need to assume that we failed so that we can excel at the other things that we have in our hands. What good will all the money be if you don’t have the time to spend it, or worst, the health? Start with yourself. Our health and happiness is a job of patience. Repeated dedication and perseverance strengthens our resilience. calling… for daily baby steps.

A true fighter

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