calling… for early adopters


Early adopters, self assigned Guinea pigs, are key players for the success of new products and trends. Sometimes we laugh at them. They look ridiculous, deprived frequently from their normal lives and routines. They move out of their way just to try and experiment things from a different perspective. They help to shape the products, guide the rules, time the launch and even kill the ideas before birth. Some ideas and solutions need to get past the durability test in real life. They are so ahead that it’s just not possible to have all the angles covered in the lab. Corporations and government agencies, get a hand from future thirsty individuals who are eager to take part in progress. They work unknowingly undercover, to provide key information for product development. They were the first air passengers. They were the first broken back, sore eyes, laptop users. They were the first range anxiety, electric car and bike users. They were the first, haunted by the blue screen of death, operating system users.  They were the first to see the light. calling… for more of them.


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