calling… to practice


Practice really makes perfect. People are awesome but not without a lot of dedication and practice. Of course, there will always be extraordinary, out of this world, people that can do amazingly impressive things. And we can’t touch them, no matter how much we practice. It’s talent, they have it, they found it, and they work it! Practicing something takes concentration. That is another benefit coming out of dedication. When we concentrate on something we are clearing our minds of the rest. It’s a win-win situation, we get better at something and we get better with ourselves. Practice is key when working as teams to build automatisms, confidence and to learn. Now, if only we could get the ones, whose profession is to  practice, to be as concentrated on the essence of what they do, the cherry would be on top of the cake. Laws are not software syntax, symptoms are not isolated variables, and, above all, people are not machines, otherwise, computers could replace us. calling… to go out and train your practice.

Four children in kimono hit a punch on a white background

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