calling… for responsibility


Big projects don’t happen in one shot. It takes a combination of small steps orchestrated to achieve a common goal. Each one of them, no matter how small has to assume that it might be vital for the success of the entire thing. It’s not our view of the task that we have been assigned that puts the value into it. The perspective that we get as an executer is not the same that the maestro sees and tries to conduct. We might have only one simple note to play during the whole piece which could happen to be exactly when all the other instruments are quiet and, we are the center of all attentions. We should take every single task with the utmost responsibility in our professional lives. Of course, with experience, our gut feeling and understanding, even from down below, will be riper and we will be able to take more comfortable decisions. But, on the contrary, when we are stepping on new ground our senses have to be on full alert. We must not assume that things will be as we think they should be nor that they will happen when we think they should happen. We need a time buffer that gives us space to learn,  act and react to the unexpected (at least for us, the newbies). Nobody will be able to see the beautiful rehearsed play if we find out at the last minute that we can’t open the curtains. We need all the instruments playing together in tune to get the symphony.  calling… for orchestras

who cares! Ignorant clueless young woman on orange background

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