calling… the priorities


Everyday in our lives we are faced with the prioritization puzzle. We have a limited attention span and the clocks have yet to slow down. We need to make difficult choices, all the time. If we’re lucky, just like in a circus act, we keep several dishes spinning at the same time and frequently, it seems, we have to keep running from one to the other to prevent them from falling and breaking apart. Some, are invaluable old porcelains, irreplaceable, full of dings and with washed out colors, but, they are priceless to us.  Some are made of plastic, they are unbreakable, you can pick them up from the floor quickly and have them spin happily again. We try to set the dishes in a circle, all at the same distance, but some of them walk away and become so far that it becomes difficult to keep them spinning without compromising the larger set. Even though, most are fond of the PI layout, they choose to place themselves at different heights. There will be some spinning too low and hiding in plain sight while others raise themselves too high, out of reach, and eventually take off. At some points in time, you will find the perfect balance and briefly can grab a chair to watch them all spin around you. It is natural and desirable to bring on more dishes, no matter what, some will end up falling, breaking or cracking. Some dishes, magically, will balance themselves even when they stop. It’s up to you to start them spinning again. They are precious. But not all is what it seems at the circus. Some dishes are fake. In real life, luckily, dishes seldom break, and even when they do, we can always find the correct glue, collect all the pieces and solve the puzzle. calling… for a spin.
Newborn baby and his father's hand - care and safety concept

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