calling… your avatars


To Beatriz, may you grow as strong as your grandmother.

A very interesting and scary aspect of the internet is that it gives the users a fake feeling of being anonymous. If we think of a first person shooter game where hundreds of players battle each other, people rarely stop to imagine who in reality is behind that wild beast that we have just blown to pieces. It could be your next door teenage neighbor, it could be your cousin who is 20 years older than you, it could be your buddy from schoo,l or, it could be his grandmother! In an certain way this makes the internet the most democratically even arena. People build the most amazing and creative avatars to be on the virtual world, and they rarely have anything to do with the truthful owner of their “soul”. Web reviews boondoggles immerse themselves plenty of times in hilarious fanboy discussions, knowing as little as nothing, from their fellow oppositioner – they will often “foam” of rage when, on the other side, is only a bored teen having fun. Instead of catching “fire” online, people should step outside for fresh “air”, and cool down with some “water” . Come down to “earth”, don’t live in Avatar worlds, bring your important Avatars to the real one. Leave the “spirit world” for the real Avatars. calling… for your best

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