calling… for no suffering


Those of us, who are free and healthy, too often forget how lucky we are. It is not until we have something that won’t let go of us, for instance, a small but persistent pain,  that we value our fortune. Once gone, we regrettably and quickly forget about it. Prolonged suffering is the most inhuman  happening in life. As advanced as we have come to be, sometimes, we are totally incapable of dealing with suffering. Medicine, and particularly modern profit driven medicine, has lost touch on how to deal with it. They think they have powerful drugs that will take the pain away from their patients. What they have, in reality, are drugs that transfer the pain from their patients to the ones around them, at a very hefty cost. Medicine shields itself through silencing, they sweep under the carpet. In some ways this is transversal to society. We routinely shield ourselves inside our cars driving by a poor neighborhood, behind the TV screens watching war and conflict from afar, we too, sweep under the carpet, like if there was nothing else that we could do. It’s not true, everyone can do the most important thing about it, to care. Genuinely care for the ones suffering. Don’t look at the blood tests, look at the patients. Don’t drive by, stop. Don’t watch, act and help. calling… to live through it, not away from it!
Sleeping newborn baby

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