calling… to seize the day


“Seize the day”… How often do we forget this simple motto? Too often! We live our lives like they would last forever. We waste our time like if it was endless. And, we do it consciously knowing that it ain’t so. We constantly fool ourselves into believing that we will have plenty of days to deal with whatever it is that we keep delaying. Time is scarce and dear precious. We make eternal commitments that we can’t keep. One day, an earthquake inside us, will shake us down violently before these evidences. We will stand up, look around, briefly interiorize our “wrong doing”, and move on, going about doing exactly the same things. No one likes “staring at the sun”. We are creatures of habits, good and bad. We let ourselves get defeated by comfort and conformism, after all, we have come to be a civilization of abundance, for some, and, no mater how loud the evidences keep pounding on our ears, we go along,  treating our world, as our lives, like if will last forever. We are but a grain of sand in the long line of history but we have the potential to multiply into grains of sand inside the crank of history. Seizing the day is not about disregarding the future. On the contrary, it is about doing today the right things for us, for others and for our planet, so that we all are given a chance to live the future with a smile looking at the past. Past regrets should be erased from the dictionary and the only way to do it is by living today and not tomorrow. calling… to wake up.
Athletic surfer with board

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