calling… for numbers!


We have reached 1.4 Million people since we started calling… We still have 5000x more people to reach the 7B. We want to be a mobile APP with a conscience and our readers are helping us get there. Soon, we will have some important news that we hope will make our project grow even faster with your contribution.

Thank you for your support!
We will keep calling… and hope that you keep listening…
We all have to live with numbers. Some love them, some hate them. They measure our successes and failures and routinely, nothing at all. Numbers are cold and deceiving. In sports, for instance, the score will let us know that our team lost but it won’t tell us how well it did. Of course, we have statistics, and for those, it’s more difficult to make them lie. Statistics are the coldest of all the numbers. They carry the weight of enough samples to show us things that we don’t want to see (for instance, our team sucked at that game!). Numbers help us establish our goals and understand if we reached them. We put numbers to our health. We put numbers to our time. Numbers can be fascinating and they are definitely crucial to define our world. However, sometimes, we let numbers control our lives, but, there is one thing that numbers
will never be able to measure: our happiness! calling… to count on it.
Girl schoolgirl with wooden abacus.

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