calling… the dogs

Dogs are like babies that last forever. They will always look up to you and always want to be there by your side. Eventually, they will do as they are told. Like a baby, most dogs, required full attention and care, since primal survival instincts have become deep buried.  There seems to be a dog for every taste and task. Some are extremely agile while others are extremely fragile. Some are tenacious and courageous while others are sissy cowards hiding behind old lady skirts. It’s funny how all of them can be ultra different, but still, end up having similar behaviors and eventually get along. Packs of dogs are funny to watch (although dangerous sometimes). You can identify the leader, the cowards, the courageous, the followers, the smart, the annoying troublemakers, and so many human society parallels. Working like a dog though, is a saying that has lost most of its meaning in the developed world. Pet dogs are pampered to boredom. As puppies they are full of energy and playful. Growing up, coupled with our indifference, they will tend to eat and sleep, which hardly qualifies as hard work. Sheep dogs, those, the true owners of the saying, are out of this world. As are many other dogs trained to help and do remarkable things together with their owners and caretakers. They totally deserve to be known as man’s best friend. calling… to care for one

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