calling… for adventure


Some people choose to live their lives filled with adventures. They don’t settle with comfort. It’s easy just to curl up on the couch and digest whatever your TV, tablet, phone or a laptop has to offer from the infinite daily menu. Some will venture into cyberspace adventures picking their avatars, hiding behind nicknames, exploring a fake world where nothing is what it looks. Others, the smart ones, choose to go outside, “see” the world with their hands, use other muscles from their limbs other than the ones on fingers. They experience the cold, the heat, the wind the sun, the moon, the light and the dark. They get lost, find their way, climb higher, run further, come back home only to go at it again. They live the ecosystem, loose themselves in the middle of the food chain, work with the Earth together. We don’t all have to be captain Kirk. But we do all have to know the world where we live, that feeds and sustains us. Who needs a map when we have the stars? calling… to be brave.

Boys on a forest road with backpacks

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