calling… to have fun


Days go by at a vertiginous speed. Being connected all the time enslaves us to our work. If we chose wisely and picked a career that we relate to, we are lucky, and work will not be a sacrifice. Our life is characterized by randomness and that makes it special. But if we spend our days putting out fires, we risk ourselves of ending burned out. Just like food needs to be seasoned, our daily lives need to be brightened. We must not forget to have some fun with friends and family. Work and responsibility is important but our well being should be on top of our list. If we are not well with ourselves, we won’t perform well. So, while remaining professional all the time, make sure to find some fun in what you do. And specially, share it with the ones around you. Happiness is contagious and the lack of it as well. calling… for smiles. 2012-06-09__14-39-56__IMG_1525

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