calling… to fly


If people were allowed to choose one superpower, a lot of them would for sure pick the capability of flying. Flying has always fascinated mankind and, thanks to a few crazy ones, today we have the possibility to do it in a number of different ways, safely. Flight has shrunk our world and made it possible, for a lot of lucky ones, to be able to go places that would have been impossible to do in a lifetime. The manufacturing industry of aeronautics, sets amazing standards of quality, reliability and efficiency that, with time, get carried over to mundane products that we use everyday. One thing remains the same, though. The speed of sound stands as a physical barrier that has prevented passenger airplanes from going faster. It seems that airplanes, in that sense, have not evolved since we were childs (depending on your age ;). Had plane speeds evolved at the same speed as cars, computers and other technologies, we would now be able to have breakfast in London, lunch in New York and dinner in San Francisco, all in the same day. Since it is too expensive, still, to increase the Mach numbers, manufacturers  have channeled their efforts to safety, size, comfort and fuel efficiency. We have seen tremendous evolutions. It is now possible to surf the web inside an airplane, and even talk on the phone. It is mind boggling that we can just seat on a couch, 12km up in the air, and cross the Atlantic in 7 hours. calling… to cruise through the skies!

Colorful hot air balloons

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