calling… for handiworks


We spend so much time in the virtual world that we forget on how much we depend on the physical world to live! Just like sports are important to keep us fit and make our bodies remain healthier, using our hands and the other senses are extremely important to prevent us from getting detached from reality. The magical logistic capabilities that we have put in place, the “one click away” stores, the ready to eat meals, and specially, the dirt cheap disposable goods, that we have at our convenience, have us forget that we live in a physical world, not deep inside the “matrix”. It is of extreme importance that we make sure that our kids do not fall into the dream internet world of everything is free and available. It is up to us to educate them with the mindset that they should be able to build and fix things by themselves. Specialization is a requirement from our advanced modern society. But specialization should never carry with it ignorance of our surroundings. If we don’t know how things are done, how much work it takes to make them and how difficult it is, we don’t know how to put a value to them. That is the worst state of mind that we can fall into. Everything has value. The value of the work and sacrifice from the ones behind making it happen. If we don’t respect that, we are opening the door for the others not to respect what we do. So, put your body to work. calling… to use your hands.

Artist Brushes close-up

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