calling… to sell


The whole world spins around sales. We came up with this imaginary thing, called money, that tries to put a value into things and services. At some point in time we switched from exchanging goods and services to exchanging them mostly for bits and bytes on bank accounts. Companies and countries are powered by cash and cash is powered by sales. Sales are so crucial to everyone’s lives that people will go to hell and back to close a sale. After all their lives depend on it. The problem resides when greediness overtakes the selling spirit. Selling should be about providing a good service, a good product or both. But sometimes, for a lot of salesmen, selling is about deceiving the customer like a master of illusionism, aka magician. Most of the times, however, the seller should not come down as the only one to take the blame. The buyer, is a key player. First, the buyers must really need what they are purchasing. If not, they won’t be able to put a value to it. Second, the buyers must be respectable of the sellers. After all, the sellers are providing something that the buyers need and, hence, they are being helpful. Third, the transaction has to be a win-win situation. The sellers should profit from the sale so that they can “live” with the extra money they make, and the buyers should be happy with the “product” and the price that they payed for it. Selling should be straightforward, but convoluted heads came up with all sorts of “ideas” to tamper with it’s essence. Why? Because we purchase lots of things that we don’t need with the money that we don’t have from sellers that are not. calling… for fair trades.

Superhero on the top

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