calling… for good luck


Luck is just like that. It picks the chosen one, it is not available for us to pick. What is luck? A random event that has a  beneficial impact on it’s  target? How do we measure luck? It is indeed random. What one considers to be good luck others consider it to be a curse. Luck is a pleasant feeling that helps understand the outcome of something that was not under our control. Luck and the lack of it will never go away for we cannot control everything that surrounds us. Luck’s archenemy is a guy called Murphy. Whenever we feel unlucky, usually, is because Murphy has been around. Some people push their luck, frequently. Other people seem to be crushed my the lack of luck – it seems that the whole universe picked them to hurt. But most people, unknowingly, belong to the luckiest group in the world. They have families, an education, jobs, peace, love and health. They might feel unlucky many times during their days, but that’s not what real luck is all about. We can do a lot to control our luck, the one that really matters. And, above all, we can do a lot to control the luck of the ones around us. Gambling is not about luck, it’s about statistics. calling… to take control!

Dandelion clock in morning sun

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