calling… for geometry


Even for an easy project, it’s quite easy to get stuck running around in circles. You clearly see the way, it looks like it’s a straight line but, for some reason, you keep getting thrown off track. It’s important to keep everyone involved in the loop so that if you get lost you can triangulate your way back into the correct course. In parallel, one should try and keep lifelines with external observers that can help us see things through different prisms. Their point of view might enlighten us when we least expect. If we’re deeply immersed inside the box, it becomes difficult to think outside of it, that seems linear. In space, traveling through “elliptical paths” is faster and, specially more efficient, than trying to take the shortest vector. For a lot of projects, speed is the number one enemy of success, because, fast results today don’t necessarily translate into long term results tomorrow. Zigzagging your way, to gravitate around dense, urgent unexpected requests, might make you loose precious time, and, even get you back to square one after a long travel. Somebody once sang, under a different context,  that ‘It’s hip to be square’. Hardly!. calling… to trace your path.

Happy little kids with color cardboard shapes

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