calling… for good winds

Everyone wishes at some point in their lives for “Winds of change”. To take lead, set the sails to a direction of choice and part. But, the wind can be treacherous and the wind can be absent. Paddling is rough and  tough. The wind is a powerful ally and a punishing beast. It is untamable. We can try and take advantage here and there, but it has its own will and will it have its way. The world is full of disturbances at every level, a lot of them caused by poor human choices. Mother nature has its own way of reminding us that we have already truly important disturbances that we can’t control. Why do we insist in adding more to the turmoil pile?  Those who are smart see fun in the wind. Those who aren’t blow against it. They say a butterfly flapping its wings at just the right point in space/time might have precipitated an hurricane. It might be pushing it, but chaos is indeed around. Let the wind make the waves don’t have yourself making waves. Surf them instead! calling… for the right breeze!
young smiing  kitesurfer on sea background Extreme Sport Kitesur

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